ethical guideline

Ethical Standards 

ingenetix GmbH is a privately owned company specialized in the field of molecular biology. All activities center on the integrity of the data, data security and the highest laboratory standards. Towards these ends, the laboratory participates regularly in appropriate quality assurance schemes via interlaboratory tests.

Guiding Principles 

– Needs of our clients set the standards of our operations.

 РAs a consequence we confirm to maintain and increase production testing and company service quality.

– Employees will perform their professional duties in a manner consistent with current standards of best laboratory practice as outlined in our quality management system. They consistently increase their knowledge and skills in order to provide the client with a high level of professional service by keeping up to date with current developments in the field of DNA/RNA molecular technology.

– The laboratory has to preserve client information in professional confidence.

– Regular participation in appropriate quality assurance schemes guarantees and maintains highest laboratory standards.