BactoReal® Kit Brucella spp.


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Background: Brucellosis – also called Bang’s disease, Crimean fever, Gibraltar fever, Malta fever, Maltese fever, Mediterranean fever, rock fever, or undulant fever – is a zoonotic infection of domesticated and wild animals, caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella. Humans become infected by ingestion of food products of animal origin (such as undercooked meat or unpasteurized milk or dairy products), direct contact with infected animals, or inhalation of infectious aerosols. Transmission from human to human is rare but possible. Species infecting domestic livestock are B. melitensis (goats and sheep), B. suis (pigs), B. abortus (cattle and bison), B. ovis (sheep) and B. canis (dogs).

BactoReal® Kit Brucella spp. is a real-time PCR test for the detection of B. abortus, B. ovis, B. melitensis, B. suis and B. canis DNA. The included internal DNA positive control system can be used as DNA extraction and PCR inhibition control.

Sensitivity and specificity: See manual or product description

Product BactoReal® Kit Brucella spp.
Order no. DHUB02153
Unit 50 reactions
Technology Real-time PCR
Target gene IS711 region
Content + Assay (primer+probe, FAM) for Brucella
+ Assay (primer+probe, Cy5)+target for internal positive control system
+ DNA positive control for B. abortus
+ DNA amplification mix
+ Nuclease-free water
PCR platform Tested with ABI PRISM® 7500, LightCycler® 480, MX3005P
Compatible with other real-time PCR instruments which detect and differentiate fluorescence in FAM and Cy5 channel


Manual v1.3en: Download pdf

Material Safety Data Sheet: Download pdf


ViroReal®, BactoReal® und ParoReal Kits run under same thermal cycling conditions

RNA and DNA targets can be analysed in one run