BactoReal® Kit Tropheryma whipplei


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Background: Tropheryma whipplei is a gram-postive bacterium that it is very difficult to cultivate. It is a human pathogen causing Whipple’s disease, which is a rare, chronic, systemic illness typically affecting white, middle-aged men. It causes intestinal malabsorption that leads to cachexia. In the majority of cases, multiple organ systems are affected. Symptoms include diarrhea and abdominal pain, joint pain, arthritis, and even dementia. It manifests in the body in various forms and can go undetected for decades before suddenly causing a fatal illness.

BactoReal® Kit Tropheryma whipplei is a real-time PCR test for the detection of Tropheryma whipplei DNA. The included internal DNA positive control system can be used as DNA extraction and PCR inhibition control.

Sensitivity and specificity: See manual or product description

Product BactoReal® Kit Tropheryma whipplei
Order no. DHUB01653
Unit 50 reactions
Technology Real-time PCR
Target gene groEL gene
Content + Assay (primer+probe, FAM) for T. whipplei
+ Assay (primer+probe, Cy5)+target for internal positive control system
+ DNA positive control for T. whipplei
+ DNA amplification mix
+ Nuclease-free water
PCR platform Tested with ABI PRISM® 7500, LightCycler® 480, MX3005P
Compatible with other real-time PCR instruments which detect and differentiate fluorescence in FAM and Cy5 channel


Manual v1.0en: Download pdf

Material Safety Data Sheet: Download pdf


ViroReal®, BactoReal® und ParoReal Kits run under same thermal cycling conditions

RNA and DNA targets can be analysed in one run