H. pylori DNA Stool Extraction Kit

Unit: 48

Order number: RTAU100

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H. pylori DNA Stool Extraction Kit


For detection of Helicobacter pylori with the H. pylori ClariRes Assay from fresh or frozen stool samples up tp 500 mg ingenetix recommends the H. pylori DNA Stool Extraction Kit. With this DNA-extraction kit, up to 500 mg stool can be extracted. Bacterial DNA can be isolated in less than 45 minutes. For isolation from stool the bacteria are sequestered from the stool particles and inhibitors are removed prior to lysis. Reversible nucleic acid binding properties of a spin column further eliminates inhibitors and releases PCR-grade DNA in high concentration. The combination of high stool quantity, pre-wash of bacteria and elution in small buffer volume leads to a dramatic improvement of subsequent bacteria detection, time reduction and ease of use. Analysing of too small stool volumes can have an impact on the sensitivity of the test. If possible, 500 mg stool should be examined.

Product H. pylori DNA Stool Extraction Kit
Order no. RTAU100
Unit 48 extractions
Technology Isolation of DNA via spin columns
Kit content Spin Columns
Collection Tubes
Stabilization Buffer
Wash Buffer II Concentrate
Wash & Lysis Buffer Concentrate
Elution Buffer