MycoReal Fungi (Panfungal PCR)


MycoReal Fungi



Background: Fungal diseases are mostly opportunistic infections with a great variety of common and uncommon pathogens. Up to 150 fungal species have been shown as potential human pathogens involving all body sites. Invasive mycoses are increasingly recognized as a primary cause of morbidity and mortality especially in immunocompromised patients. The early diagnosis improves prognosis. Invasive mycoses are mainly caused by yeasts and moulds. Non-invasive fungal infections (such as infections of the urogenitary tracts, of the eye, of the skin, etc.) are mainly caused by Candida, Aspergillus, Acremonium, Fusarium and dermatophytes.

MycoReal Fungi is a panfungal real-time PCR detection assay for rapid and sensitive broad-range detection of fungal DNA. This assay has the potential to detect microorganisms found less frequently as well as uncultivable or even unknown causative agents of fungal origin such as yeasts, moulds, zygomycetes, dermatophytes, endemic fungi and others. Fungal DNA is detected via amplification curves. For identification of the species (only possible for samples containing a single fungal species), the generated panfungal PCR-product has to be sequenced and phylogenetically analysed.

Since MycoReal Assays (MycoReal Aspergillus, MycoReal Candida, MycoReal Pneumocystis and MycoReal Fungi) use identical temperature/time profiles, they can be combined in the same LightCycler® run. This allows the detection of a wide panel of pathogenic fungi within only a few hours.

Product MycoReal Fungi
Order no. RTPM300
Unit 50 reactions
Technology Real-time PCR
Content Assay Fungi
Assay internal positive control
Sequencing primers
Positive control for S. prolificans
Internal positive control
Manual (for LightCycler® 2.0)
Attention: Amplification mix is not included, see product description
Target gene ITS-2 region (universal fungal PCR)
Detection 610 nm, 640 nm
PCR-platform LightCycler® 2.0 
Additionally required PCR-reagents  LC™-FastStart DNA Master Kit Hybridisation Probes