Oligonucleotide service

We offer cost-effective primers and probes and of highest quality via our reliable partner. Standard primers will be delivered within 2-3 business days, real-time PCR probes within 3-4 business days.

You can choose the purification of your oligonucleotides – for most applications desalting of oligonucleotides┬á< 35 bases is sufficient. For other applications we offer purification by HPLC (0.04 to 1 ┬Ámol Scale), PAGE (0.04 to 1 ┬Ámol Scale) or NMR-grade oligonucleotides (HPLC and dialysis starting from 0.2 ┬Ámol scale).

Please check the  Oligo Price List 2017  for oligonucleotides with various 5´- and 3´- modifications and dual-labelled fluorescent probes suitable for your real-time PCR applications.

For┬áspecial purposes oligonucleotides in “premium quality” are available. In addition, we offer synthetic RNAs and antisense oligonucleotides via our partner.

Oligonucleotides can be ordered by email using the  Oligo Upload Form 2017.

For inquiries please contact us via office@ingenetix.com.

In cooperation with Microsynth AG (ISO 9001 certified).