Veterinary Medicine Kits Catalogue 2017-11


In the field of veterinary medicine ingenetix offers real-time PCR tests for the detection of pathogenic micoorganisms. Our portfolio includes the detection of bacteria (BactoReal® assays and BactoReal® Kits), viruses (ViroReal® assays and ViroReal® Kits), fungi (MycoReal Kits) and parasites (ParoReal assays and ParoReal Kits). The majority of assays are validated for the ABI PRISM® 7500, LightCycler® 1.2/1.5/2.0/480 and MX3005P®, but can also be used on other real-time PCR platforms. Identical amplification protocols allow a simultaneous performance of most ingenetix assays.


BactoReal®, ViroReal® und ParoReal Assays contain an assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the pathogen and a positive control. Assays can be combined with a control assay which has to be ordered separately (ControlReal, Internal Positive Control Assay or Internal Positive RNA Control Assay). The simultaneous amplification of the designated target and the internal positive control excludes false-negative interpretation of results. Information which control assay is suitable for your application can also be found at the corresponding products.

BactoReal®, ViroReal®, MycoReal and ParoReal Kits contain an assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the pathogen, an assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the internal control, a reaction mix, water and a positive control.