Product Overview

Please note that our product portfolio is constantly expanding.
In case you can’t find the desired product, we offer application-specific assay designs.

Detection of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses

ingenetix offers real-time PCR tests for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms in a wide range of fields such as veterinary medicine and human medicine. Our portfolio includes:

  • BactoReal® Kits and BactoReal® Assays for the detection of bacteria
  • MycoReal Kits and MycoReal Assays for the detection of fungi
  • ViroReal® Kits and ViroReal® Assays for the detection of viruses
  • ParoReal Kits and ParoReal Assays for the detection of parasites
  • BactoTyping and ViroTyping Kits for PCR-based genotyping of bacteria and viruses
  • Internal Positive Control Assays (labelled with VIC, NED or Cy5) with DNA or RNA target


1. Ingenetix KITS:

Kits contain:

  • Assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the pathogen (DNA or RNA)
  • Assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the Internal Positive Control
  • Reaction Mix (Taq Polymerase for rapid hot-start PCR, dNTPs with dUTP and UNG, ROXTM dye, additives to handle PCR inhibitors)
  • Water
  • Positive control

2. Ingenetix ASSAYS:

Assays contain:

  • Assay (primer and probe) for the detection of the pathogen
  • Positive control

Assays can be combined with an Internal Positive Control assay, which excludes false-negative interpretation of results. Internal Positive Control assays (ControlReal, Internal Positive Control Assay oder Internal Positive RNA Control Assay) have to be ordered separately. Information on which control assay and Reaction Mix to use for your application can also be found on the respective product site.



Your benefits with ingenetix products


Ingenetix kits are designed to generate consistent results and enhance pathogen detection even in the presence of common RT- PCR inhibitors. Our specially formulated master mix allows you to add almost twice the amount of sample to your reaction, compared to other fast- cycling master mixes on the market and is optimized for high-sensitivity detection especially of viral targets.

Harmonized PCR profiles facilitate simultaneous amplification and detection of DNA and RNA targets in the same run on any supported instrument.

Deliver accurate results for duplex reactions using an internal positive control (IPC).

Fast hot-start PCR reduces RT-PCR run times on fast and standard instruments.

Our DNA Master Mix is stable at room temperature for up to 72 hours in preassembled reactions. For those not requiring high throughput, the enhanced stability of our master mix provides an overall added convenience, as you are no longer constrained by immediately running your plates upon assembly.